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                                                  Hawke Optics Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO Scope w/ MAP 6 Reticle HK5174 ## SOLD OUT ##
                                                  Hawke Optics Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO Scope w/ MAP 6 Reticle HK5174 ## SOLD OUT ## Hawke Optics Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO Scope w/ MAP 6 Reticle HK5174 ## SOLD OUT ## Hawke Optics Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO Scope w/ MAP 6 Reticle HK5174 ## SOLD OUT ##

                                                  Hawke Optics Airmax EV 3-9x50 AO Scope w/ MAP 6 Reticle HK5174 ## SOLD OUT ##

                                                  Because airguns are different...

                                                  The Airmax range is designed specifically for airgun shooters. Airgun shooters, whether hunting, target shooting or plinking, require specialized optical set-ups to get the most out of their rifles.
                                                  The Hawke Airmax EV range offers the airgunner precision optics packed with great features.
                                                  The proven MAP6 reticle assists accuracy by providing parabolic aiming points that fall at exactly the same rate as your pellet.
                                                  Hawke have done the physics so you don’t have to! Simply adjust the zero range and zoom to calibrate.
                                                  Extreme View - See more! All Airmax scopes include our EV Extreme View optical system which delivers a field of view 20% wider than traditional rifle scopes.


                                                  • Extreme View optical system for 20% wider field of view
                                                  • MAP 6 Reticle designed for Air Gun trajectory
                                                  • Wire ballistic reticle with multi-aim points
                                                  • Adjustable Objective focus down to 15 yards
                                                  • 1" mono tube construction to withstand heavy recoil
                                                  • Fully multi-coated optics provide edge to edge clarity
                                                  • Hawke BRC compatible to Blueprint your rifle
                                                  • ¼ M.O.A Low Profile 'No-Snag' fingertip turrets
                                                  • Flip-up lens covers included to protect your investment
                                                  • Fast-Focus ocular adjustment
                                                  • Threaded for sunshade
                                                  • All firearm caliber rated
                                                  • Waterproof, Shockproof, and Fog Proof
                                                  • Hawke Worldwide Warranty


                                                  • MAP 6 Reticle
                                                  • Using an 11.5ft/lb .22 air rifle with the scope set on 6x magnification., zero the center cross at a distance of 30yds.

                                                  The MAP 6 reticle features a series of aim points for hold over and hold under and windage.
                                                  Unlike Mil Dots and most other reticles the aim points are not equally spaced.
                                                  The spacing is designed to work with the ammunitions trajectory so that the distance the aim points relate to is equal. MAP 6 reticles are equally at home on top of a center fire or an airgun.

                                                  Target acquisition speed is increased and continuous viewing is improved.
                                                  Designed for Airgunners Hawke Airmax rifle scopes sport a large glove-grip elevation turret allowing fast range dialing and the mono-tube body provides the extra strength demanded by airguns.
                                                  All models have Adjustable Objectives enabling you to focus down to airgun ranges.

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