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                                                  Home > SWR Meters & Matcher's

                                                  K-PO SX-20 SWR MeterK-PO SX-20 SWR Meter
                                                  # TEMP OUT OF STOCK # Cross Needle design for measuring SWR and Power output simultaneously.
                                                  Price: £57.50
                                                  K-PO SX-40 SWR MeterK-PO SX-40 SWR Meter
                                                  Cross Needle design for measuring SWR and Power output simultaneously.
                                                  Price: £57.50
                                                  Zetagi TM-999 SWR Meter-MatcherZetagi TM-999 SWR Meter-Matcher
                                                  ## OUT OF STOCK ##
                                                  Price: £59.99
                                                  SWR MeterSWR Meter
                                                  The Basic SWR Mtr supplied may not be as per photo.
                                                  Price: £14.99
                                                  KPO 171 SWR Meter + Power MeterKPO 171 SWR Meter + Power Meter
                                                  Price: £29.99
                                                  50wt Dummy Load, Zetagi50wt Dummy Load, Zetagi
                                                  Price: £25.99
                                                  5 Watt Dummy Load5 Watt Dummy Load
                                                  Bulb Type:
                                                  Price: £4.50
                                                  RG-58 Patch leadRG-58 Patch lead
                                                  Price: £5.50
                                                  Coax leads Made to any length.Coax leads Made to any length.
                                                  Phone in the length you require and we will fit the PL plugs for you.
                                                  Price: £0.00

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